cpoint about us


C POINT is a unit of Mirror Cosmetics & Slimming Private Limited(MCSPL). As a proprietor firm, C POINT is involved in the services of Beauty, Slimming & Wellness for last seven years. C point is managed by professionals of healthcare faculties. C POINT works on holistic approach and includes all proven and scientific aspects of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy & Naturopathy.

C POINT aims at redefining beauty and maintaining wellness.The three pillars of C POINT are –Beauty, Slimming and Wellness.

C POINT offers an excellent environment where you will discover the most advanced beauty care, slimming and wellness services.

At C POINT ,we strive to enhance your natural skin to make it look healthier and younger. With slimming treatments, we aim to bring and maintain optimum weight for an individual to make them feel better and cheerful.

Every element of C POINT has been chosen with great care, from intensive training to the high degree of hygiene and safety to the best of medical care and supervision. Every procedure is safe and effective. All C POINT center offers same quality and standards in each and every aspects.

Visit and surrender yourself to the refreshing experience at C POINT.